Since March of this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all dental practices have been forced to close. The government has announced that dental practices are able to reopen from the 8th June. While this is good news, we will have to put in place special safety and social distancing measures to ensure all our patients and our team remain safe.

Please take a few minutes to read the information in order to become familiar with what to expect when you visit us for your dental appointments. 

Why have practices had to close?

Dental check-ups and treatments involve close contact between the dentist and patient and so during the lockdown dentists were told by the government that they had to close. Drills and other high-speed tools create a lot of ‘spray’ (aerosol) from patients’ mouths so dentists and nurses need to use protective clothing and equipment to prevent them from catching the virus from an infected patient and passing it on to other patients. These “aerosol generating procedures” require special equipment such as coveralls, special masks (FFP3) or hoods and special ventilation in order to take place safely during the current pandemic. 

We are now confident we have the necessary equipment and procedures in place in order to safely resume treating patients, albeit in a reduced capacity.

Your existing appointments

We may need to rearrange your existing appointments as we will need to schedule more time for every patient. All non-urgent appointments, such as check-ups, are being postponed for a few months but we will ring you at a future date to rearrange a date and time.

Your recently cancelled appointment

We have a list of the appointments we have cancelled during Covid-19 and we will contact you as soon as we are allowed to continue with routine treatments and arrange an appointment to continue your treatment.

What if I have a dental problem?

We have made a list of patients who have had problems during the enforced practice closure. We will be contacting people over the next few weeks to arrange appointments. If you haven’t heard from us after a couple of weeks and are worried or you have a new dental problem, please contact our reception team on 01926 852504/258283

Making an appointment


We will be ringing some patients to arrange their appointments. If you have a dental problem and think you may need an appointment, please ring our reception team first. We are still able to offer a telephone consultation with a dentist prior to getting an appointment – just so we know what type of appointment you will need. If you normally pay for your dental appointment, then you will need to pay a consultation fee over the phone before we book your appointment to avoid having to go to reception when you visit.

Arriving at the practice

On arrival please wait outside and ring our reception team to say you have arrived at the practice. A nurse will let you into the practice. Do not turn up too early as we will only let you into the practice five minutes before your appointment. Please do not be late as this will make the dentist run late for everyone else. Sincere apologies if we are running late! Please wear a facemask or face covering.

We can only allow the patient themselves to enter the practice unless there are exceptional circumstances. One parent is allowed to accompany a child under 18. Please ask our reception team if you have any concerns about this.

Your temperature will be taken with a contactless forehead thermometer as soon as you enter the practice (so best wear cool clothes and don’t wear a hat!). If you have a temperature you will be asked to leave, return home and self-isolate as per government guidelines. You will be asked to use disinfecting had gel.

Waiting for your appointment

Due to social distancing requirements we have a very limited capacity for people to wait for their appointment in our waiting rooms. Where possible we will try to get you straight in to see the dentist when you arrive for your appointment. There are no magazines or books in our waiting areas. 

Which dentist will I see?

We will try to keep you to your usual dentist, however, if you are having problems you may have to see another dentist within the practice first.

Protective clothing for our team

We will be wearing additional protective clothing to what we normally wear.

What can be done at your first appointment?

Our aim is to address any urgent dental problems at your first visit and make a plan for your future dental care. If you need an aerosol generating procedure this at present will have to be done at another practice through a referral system.

What about if I need any more appointments

Additional treatment such as crowns, fillings and root treatments may have to be postponed until later in the year and we will contact you when we are able to do this.


If you normally pay for your dental appointment, then you will need to pay a consultation fee over the phone before we book your appointment to avoid having to go to reception when you visit.